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Be Composed of Your World: A Guide to Shade Sail Color Selection

colorful shade sails

HongKate |

The world is made of colors and colors determine how you see the world.

Easy to install, reliable and elegantly styled, shade sails are increasingly recognized as an important solution for shading patios. Because with them you can create a comfortable outdoor shade area. Even more and more people are no longer satisfied with the classic shape of standard shade sails, but choose customized products.

Yes, the quest for a more beautiful and stylish personal world is never-ending, and shade sails have the potential to be able to help us do just that. The prerequisite is to take control of the details. For example, the choice of color. With the right design, shade sails will be the cornerstone of your ideal world.

This article is a short guide to choosing shade sail colors. Let's talk about how to choose the right shade sail color to fit your psyche and create the ideal space for a better outdoor experience.

Shade Sail Color and Functionality

Firstly,  the shade sail color naturally impacts the product's functionality since the object it blocks is the light. 

Color and UV Protection

From a professional standpoint, quality sun shade sails can pass UPF30+ testing, meaning they can block 90-95% of ultraviolet (UV) rays, minimizing sun damage to the maximum extent. In comparison, light-colored shade sails may allow more UV rays to pass through, but it's within acceptable limits. Of course, if you need maximum sun protection, it's advisable to choose a dark-colored sail.

Color and Shading Effect

The real distinction lies in the shading effect, with the lightest color providing only 70% shade, while the darkest color offers over 98% shading. Light-colored sails significantly allow more Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) to pass through(PAR is light of wavelengths 400-700 nm and is the portion of the light spectrum utilised by plants for photosynthesis). In daily life, you can observe that sunlight passes more through light-colored fabrics.


So, do you want to capture more sunlight for yourself or your plants? Choose a light-colored sail.

Shade Sail Color and Decorative Appeal

Based on your specific requirements for the functionality of the shade sail, you'll know whether you want a dark or light-colored sail. However, the decision on the specific color is influenced by its decorative effect on the space. In other words, the shade sail color decisively impacts the final presentation of the space.


Below is some information on common shade sail colors that will hopefully provide help in narrowing down your choices.

Color and Environment

Environmental friendliness is a trending topic and shade sails are the most eco-friendly shade structures structures for courtyards and gardens. For your own private oasis, you can start with these colors.


 Choose Green — Green symbolizes freedom, peace, environmental friendliness, and freshness. Green shade sails on rooftop decks or terraces, combined with a few green plants, can provide a sense of security, allowing you to feel the vitality of the outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.


 Choose Yellow — The most popular is sand. A subtle yellow appears innocent, romantic, youthful, and vibrant, while a deep base color looks stable, brightening up the courtyard, providing vitality while ensuring shading.


 Choose Red — Overflowing with passionate red, it can best stir positive emotions, giving you energy when you're feeling low. In occasions like gatherings in small squares or lectures, you may need it to showcase confidence and enhance your presence.


 Choose Orange — The best color for friend gatherings and entertaining guests. Covering courtyard decks and rooftop bars, it looks friendly, healthy, and straightforward, allowing everyone to relax and open up.

Color and Volume

Sun shade sails are also suitable for large-scale shading tasks. Of course, that's another way of thinking about it.


White —It's pure and sacred. Enjoying it alone may make you feel lonely and spacious, but at wedding venues, large squares, or outdoor restaurants, a set of pure white shade sails will elevate your experience.


Black — Low-key and elegant, yet cold and exclusive. Suitable for creating an elegant private space in large courtyards or on large decks. The mysterious black combines well with lush greenery.

Color and Structural Design

Design best reflects a person's style and is the best way to show your personality. Shade sail colors should also complement the design.


Gray — A stable and conservative shade sail color.It will create classic shade sails, radiating brilliance when properly installed according to standards.


 Blue — The most unrestricted color, boldly unleash your design, customize irregular shade sails, and create a blue fantasy shape.

colourful  world


The above is a summary of theory and experience. Don't be confined by it. Recognize that decorative effects ultimately result from psychological and emotional recognition. To believe in the world of colorful shade you've built.When caught in confusion, tangled in the theoretical effects of color, let your heart make decisions, and let reality check your vision.

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