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Welcome to our custom shade sail service where we offer a variety of materials to meet your personalized needs. Our shade sails are made with high-quality materials that provide all-day sun protection and rain resistance, perfect for outdoor leisure and commercial settings.

We offer waterproof shade sails made with top-of-the-line materials, ensuring reliable protection in any weather condition. For those who don't require waterproofing, we also offer custom options with non-waterproof materials that still provide excellent sun protection.

No matter your personal taste and needs, we have the most suitable shade sail material for you. Our professional team is available to provide help and advice on choosing the best materials for your specific requirements. Contact us to learn more about the details and custom options available.


Creating a bespoke sail is the best solution if you have a specific space to cover, or if you are looking to have total and precise coverage of the entire area!

Thanks to the online configurator you can design your dream sail in a few simple steps! By entering the actual measurements of each side of the sail or the measurements of the entire surface to be covered, the configurator will automatically calculate the measurements of your sail, giving you a free and immediate quote!

Choose from a variety of shapes, such as triangle, right-angled triangle, square, rectangle or trapezoid to get the sail that best suits your space and covers every inch of your outdoor area perfectly. It is also possible to create more special shapes to suit every need, such as pentagonal or hexagonal sails, only on request.

Whether it's a garden, a terrace, a balcony, a restaurant or public outdoor space, you'll be able to create the perfect area of shade you need.

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How can I order a custom-made shade sail?

Thanks to our convenient online configurator you can create and order your tailor-made shade sail in a few simple steps. All you have to do is take the measurements of the area to be covered, enter them in the configurator and choose the fabric and type of stitching. In a few seconds, the system provides you with an accurate quote.

What are the production and delivery times?

After receiving the order, our technical team designs the sail with digital programs. The technical drawing linked to the order is then inserted into the production plan (digital cutting, semi-automatic sewing, final quality control). Thanks to our experience we have greatly optimized production times and are able to deliver the customized shade sail in approx 7-14 days.

How do I take the correct measurements for custom shade sails?

We recommend designing the anchoring system first. Place or design the position of the wall plates or support poles. This way you can easily take measurements between one anchor point and another. It is essential to provide the necessary space for the anchoring tools. Always provide at least 35cm between each corner of the sail and its anchoring point.

In case of snow do I have to remove the sail?

Yes. Snow, due to its weight, can cause tears or breaks in the fabric. Another risk is the formation of ice in the knit of the fabric, which would make it extremely fragile.
Therefore, in case of snow we do not recommend keeping the shade sail installed. Instead, we suggest removing the shade sail, first loosening the anchor, releasing the corresponding carabiner and then removing all the other carabiners. The removed sail must then be dried, folded and placed in a dry place.

What can i do in case of stains?

The shading sails can be cleaned with neutral detergents, left to act for a few minutes, and thoroughly rinsed.
To remove stains or halos we recommend first of all to remove it, first loosening the anchor , releasing the corresponding carabiner and subsequently removing all the other carabiners.
With the sail removed, you can proceed with soft brushes to remove the most persistent stains with the help of water and possibly neutral detergents.

I can return a custom made sail?

Pursuant to art. 49, letter m of the Consumer Code, there is no right of withdrawal for customized products. Custom sails are specially created with dimensions suitable for individual customers. In any case, we recommend that you check very carefully before ordering that the measurements indicated are correct. In case of doubt, our team is at your complete disposal to provide you with all the necessary advice and information.

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