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Adding more privacy to your property is always a good idea, and when it comes to the garden or backyard, a privacy screen can make all the difference. Privacy fence screens can stop the prying eyes of your extra-inquisitive neighbor or the not-so-nonchalant passer-by. They take little time to install and serve you for years with minimal maintenance.  

To serve the all-around needs of customers, LOVE STORY has two premium lines of privacy fence screens – Standard and Heavy Duty. We make these from the highest-quality HDPE fabric, and they come with unique features that enable customers to enjoy more privacy for years to come. However, we are the best manufacturer in the market, and there are many competing products with tall claims. 

This guide will give buyers a clear picture of the different outdoor fencing screens available in the market so that they can make an informed choice. 

We will compare our two privacy fence screen variants under different parameters to help you understand which one is a better fit for your needs. At the same time, we will compare our products with those of our competitors, which will make it clear that LOVE STORY is the undisputed leader for your outdoor privacy fence screen needs. 


For outdoor fence screens, the privacy factor is often crucial. The screen should provide the right amount of privacy while avoiding complete blackout. The Standard LOVE STORY privacy screens offer a 90% visibility blockage. So, if it’s the prying eyes that you want to avoid, this screen will work fine. It efficiently serves the household and most commercial privacy needs. 

The Heavy Duty screen, on the other hand, offers as much as 95% visibility blockage. So, if you need more privacy, this is a better choice. Restaurants and other commercial establishments looking for more seclusion should opt for this variety. We recommend the Heavy Duty for baseball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools, and other athletics-related applications for maximum privacy and high durability.  

Construction companies or commercial establishments in need of temporary privacy may opt for the Standard fence screens.  These are ideal for interim needs and available for bulk purchase at a discounted price. In contrast, home or commercial property owners who need a long-term solution may find the Heavy Duty screen the better choice.  

We don’t believe in marketing gimmicks; we offer what we claim. Our outdoor fence screens with 90% and 95% visibility blockage give more privacy than many other competitor products with higher claims. 


The durability of outdoor privacy fence screens depends on two major factors - the quality of the fabric and the integrity of the grommets and binding. 

Let’s find out what comprises LOVE STORY screens and compare them with competing products- 

The fabric 

LOVE STORY fence screens use premium quality, high-density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE enjoys superior properties, like higher density and rigidity, resistance to temperature exposure, and  UV radiation tolerance.  Other than that, HDPE is non-toxic and naturally resistant to a variety of chemical solvents - diluted acids, alkalis, and alcohols.  HDPE resists mold, mildew, and rotting. It is long-lasting and weather resistant which makes it an ideal material for outdoor fence screens as it will need minimum maintenance.  

Standard LOVE STORY privacy fence screens are made from 175 GSM heavy-duty, commercial-grade HDPE with additional UV and water-resistant coating. These screens last for years under consistent sun exposure and nearly all-weather conditions.  

We use 200 GSM, 100% virgin (non-recycled) HDPE in making the Heavy Duty screens at LOVE STORY. The fabric is additionally treated with a UV stabilized compound. This significantly controls the degradation of the material under UV radiation and extends the lifespan. It also prevents tearing, fading, and drying out of the screen over time. 


Most of the LOVE STORY competitors use polypropylene-based fabric, which is a commonly used fence screen material but lacks the rigidity of HDPE. Polypropylene (PP) is also resistant to some chemical solvents, but they do not perform as well under heat or UV exposure, considerably reducing the lifespan of the screen. 


As far as the thickness (GSM) of the fabric is concerned, LOVE STORY’s Heavy Duty is the best in the market. Competitor products come with a 300-GSM thickness of the binding only, not to be confused with the GSM of the fabric itself.  

Other Features 

LOVE STORY outdoor privacy fence screens are fully breathable. Both Standard and Heavy Duty enjoy good air permeability, ensuring a naturally comfortable enclosed environment. They offer coverage from UV rays and heat. The Standard version can reduce the inside temperature by as much as 10-degree Fahrenheit, and it goes even higher for the Heavy Duty. 

If you are worried about the hot summer days, opt for the darker shades of the Heavy Duty screen. Colors like black, brown, and blue are great at absorbing heat, keeping the enclosed area more comfortable than the outside. 

The premium HDPE material with special anti-UV coating makes LOVE STORY screens extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions. The heavy-duty grommets and their strategic placement give maximum strength to the screens to withstand high winds and bad weather conditions. Our products are eco-friendly and a great addition to any property. 

Most of the competitor products in the market are breathable, but their polypropylene fabric is naturally more susceptible to weather conditions, environmental heat, and UV ray exposure. This often results in the fading and cracking of the screen within months of installation. The poor-quality grommets are prone to rust over time, and the binding quality is not good enough to prevent fraying from the sides. 

Furthermore, three grommets at the corner (which is the case for every competitor product in the market) are not enough to hold the screen tightly against heavy wind and rough weather conditions, which leads to sagging and triggers quick deterioration of the fabric. 


Are use this for the second side of my backyard as the first side worked so well. The neighbor just moved in with a new little dog who barks at my dogs all the time. Works really well. My other fence has had one of these for a little over a year.


We needed to add a little privacy downslope where we otherwise could see a window at a neighbor’s house. This was the perfect solution! It looks great and was so easy to install.


I definitely recommend this and I love how it looks provides shade and privacy which was exactly what I was looking for!! I installed it myself super easy and it came with zip ties!!


I was able to put this up myself with the included zip ties and it looks great. This was a cost effective way to add privacy to our backyard.


Very satisfied with this purchase. Initially it was to just keep my small pup from getting through the iron gate, but it turned out to look very sleek and nice! I’ve even had compliments from neighbors and they are taking the idea as well.


We bought this to go around our gazebo in the winter to clock out some of the chill and so far it’s working great! Completely my fault but I should’ve gotten an 8’ instead of 6’ but we’ll get a bigger one next year or whenever this one sees it’s last day. Everything was as described and arrived on time.


Much needed privacy and shade for our backyard that is connected to a walkway area of traffic. Eventhough you can see thru the mesh it does give great quality coverage for privacy and the green works wonders with our garden backdrop. Very sturdy and have it up for a month now without any backing fence. Winds and rain here in Fl with no problems 😊

Kirk Marvin,

wanted a screen to put over my chain link fence as I have a new neighbor with a barking dog which did not go over well with my dogs. Her dog continues to bark but my dogs can’t see hers so essentially the problem is solved! I doubled the screen as it was too long and used the zip ties to hold it. It took 2 of us to install it as it was a bit bulky for just one person. It looks great and seems durable.
Phoenix wings,

I bought this to put on my fence between my house and my neighbors house. I thought I would be able to walk around naked and they wouldnt see me.


So my neighbor installed a WiFi camera and is trying to impersonate “city enforcement business” and tracks and records myself and family friends the dogs even the wildlife flocks of birds.

kathleen bils,

Great product, very well made! I love it.

T.B. Cooper,

I had went through two other decisions that didn’t seem to work. I live in a very populated area with a main street and empty lot next to my backyard where I have a vegetable garden and my three dogs go outside.


Enjoying this privacy guard.

Kelly Marie041219,

Affordable option

Raquel Perez,

Great option for pleasant looking, inexpensive privacy


I ordered this for a 10×10 dog kennel and couldn’t be happier. The product came in with no damage and exactly as it was described.

Ian W.,

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