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HongKate |

Shade sails are available in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns.

A shade sail not just helps to beautify your home and business but also offers protective functions. That is why it is important to carefully consider the type of fabrics that will fulfill the particular needs of your sail shades.

Here are some things that you should factor in when buying shade sails.

Waterproof Fabric

Waterproof fabrics are made of fine fabric with very tightly braided meshes. These fabrics offer excellent protection from the sun and the rain and are often used to provide shades for homes, outdoor cafes, and other commercial businesses. It is recommended that these shade sails be placed high since they also prevent the passage of air. If they are placed too low, the area beneath them will get too humid and muggy.

Permeable Material

These fabrics are made of a weave with a looser mesh that allows air to pass through well. These shade sails are an ideal material for providing the right amount of shade and air into the area beneath them. However, they do not protect from rain.

These shades are a good option if you want to cover patio furniture, a dining area, or a hammock and allow the guests to spend time outdoors in comfort. The plus side of these sales is that they do not retain rainwater that can form pockets on the fabric and weigh down the sails. They also allow air to pass through creating a cooler environment beneath the shades.

Polyethylene Shade

Shade sails are made of different types of fabrics depending on your need. The denser the fabric, the more it will be able to withstand the elements and support its own weight.

Polyethylene fabric is a looser mesh and allows air to pass freely. This is a great fabric that offers UV resistance and stain resistance. This type of fabric is very easy to maintain, is light, and does not fade.

Strength of a Shade

The shade sails should also have edges that are reinforced by a strip of hem or fabric so that the shade sail can withstand the force of the wind. It is a good idea to get shades that are not supported by eyelets as they can tear off during strong winds or from the weight of the shade itself over time.

Shade Sail Shapes

Custom shade sails allow you to enjoy your patio, restaurant, or other outdoor establishments. The great thing about them is that they are available in square, rectangular, and triangular shapes allowing you to select any shape that you prefer. In addition, they allow different sorts of configurations in a set of overlapping shapes and colors. These fabrics offer a modern architectural solution to protect your home from the sun.

Bottom Line

When erecting shade sails, it is important that you install them carefully. The right size, anchor, and positioning of the shade sail are crucial when it comes to providing you protection from the elements. That is why we recommend that you visit LOVESTORY to select your sails and get them installed professionally.


I’m looking for 2 sun shades, 8×8 and 6×8 or 6×10. Can you help.


Just finished installing this new tarp it looks like good quality material that will last it was easy to install I will give a review on this tarp after I see how long it lasts thank you


This is being used as a patio cover. We would like to have grommets in the center of each edge for greater support. The product seems to be excellent and just what we ordered.

J. R.,

This is the second one I have purchased! Love these! Super price! Super durable! Makes an enormous difference in temperature having some shade! Love these!


We live in a condo on the bottom floor so we can’t put up a permanent structure in the yard outside our patio but this was perfect to attach to the balcony above us and the fence behind us. It keeps the sun off and the temp down. It’s easy to put it up and take it down when we want to be outside and stores in a very small package. It literally takes less than a minute to put up or take down. We love it. It’s great for camping too!

Kindle C,

I do not understand why we don’t use these all over the place. It is a great addition to my veranda.For a fraction of the cost of a single umbrella, I get the coverage of 2 or 3 umbrellas with no footprint or moving it around to cool off 3 people badly.


We needed a heat break for our center atrium. The courtyard is an odd shape with a wall curving into the space. The shade’s curved sides fit perfectly around the wall. The shade was well made and easy to install. The tan color gives a nice honey filtered light thru the windows.


I have a two story boat dock. I had a triangular sail until this year when I replaced it with a 12′ × 12′ square sail. This gives much more shade and lowers the temperature.

Brian W,

After searching for a good way to add some shade to our back patio, I came across this shade sail.I highly recommend this shade sail. Great price and so far it has shown to be pretty sturdy.

Kevin P.,

Perfect for sun protection. I didn’t want to buy another car port so i decided to get this instead. I put my cars underneath it and my car is not torching hot when I get in which is what I wanted it for.


Oh my goodness! This was worth the price! I was hesitant at first but read great reviews. Glad I purchased it. Perfect for backyard shade. It’s a great size and easy to install. It is thick and tough. The colors to chose from are great as well. I would definitely purchase again if needed.


I have 3 of these now, in different shapes. They are all super sturdy

Sigourney Gunther,

Lovely sun sail. The quality and stitching seem high.

Happy Gal,

I live in a community where we have a patio and no screens. I bought this to cover my entire patio!

Wendy greenling,

Love the different style and design look.


This product does exactly what we need it to do, block the sun. As expected if does block almost all the sun and is breathable for water to come though and not hold it down.. Not only did it make our deck usable again, all of our neighbors are commenting on how good it looks.


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