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Spending summer outdoors is only enjoyable if you have a shady retreat nearby. The easiest way to create shade on your deck, patio or in your backyard is to add a patio umbrella. Patio umbrellas come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials so you can pick the best one for your lifestyle and location.

Choosing the Right Patio Umbrella

There’s a lot to think about when choosing the best patio umbrella for your space. First, determine the size you need.

SIZE: The size of your umbrella will determine the type of base you need to keep your umbrella steady through various weather conditions. Looking for an umbrella to shade your outdoor dining space? Follow this pro tip from The Home Depot: "Your umbrella should extend over the dining table by at least two feet on each side for optimal shade." Umbrellas start around five feet in diameter and can reach 15 feet or more.

TYPE: Next, determine the type of umbrella you need for your space and lifestyle. There are a few main types to consider: market umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas, rectangular umbrellas and umbrellas with lights. Market umbrellas, or patio table umbrellas, have a pole in the middle and will fit through the hole in an outdoor dining table. Cantilever umbrellas attach to a pole on one end, making them ideal for outdoor seating areas. Rectangular umbrellas have more diameter, so they can cover large outdoor seating and dining areas. There are even patio umbrellas with built-in solar-powered LED lights perfect for nighttime use. You may find several styles combined into one powerful umbrella if there are several features you love.

ACCESSORIES:  Once you’ve determined the size and style of your patio umbrella, you'll need to grab a few accessories. Most outdoor umbrellas don’t come with bases, so you’ll need to buy that separatelyFollow this pro tip from The Home Depot: "To find a freestanding umbrella base with the proper weight to hold your umbrella, multiply the diameter of your umbrella by 10." That means that for a seven-foot-wide umbrella, you’ll need a base that weighs at least 70 pounds. Umbrella bases come in a variety of styles and materials, too, from heavy cast iron to water-filled. Bases start around $30 with high-end models hitting the $150 price point.

PROTECTION: Whether your outdoor space gets hit hard by the sun or receives a lot of rain, you'll want to protect your investment with an umbrella coverCovers are typically weather-resistant with zippers or Velcro for extra protection and only cover the fabric umbrella (not the stand or base). Prices for covers start around $15 and go up to $75, so they're a worthwhile add-on when you buy an umbrella.

Now that you know what you need, it's time to start shopping! We've started the process for you by picking the best outdoor patio umbrellas for a variety of spaces and purposes.

Enjoy this 10-foot umbrella day or night with its solar-powered LED lights. The 32 built-in lights can run for up to seven hours! Enjoy lasting shade with its easy-to-use tilt function, adjusting to meet your needs and keep you comfortable. High-quality water-, UV- and fade-resistant fabric means this durable umbrella is ready for years of enjoyment.

This easy-to-use 10-foot umbrella sets up and opens quickly. TThe expansive canopy is constructed with polyester fabric which is fade-resistant and grade 4 colorfastness to light shade for years of vibrancy. Just unlock, adjust, relock and crank the umbrella open to the desired position. This durable umbrella can be used either through a table or freestanding.

This spacious 10 by 6.5 ft diameter patio umbrella is perfect for nighttime entertaining. LOVE STORY patio umbrella is made of 100% 200 GSM polyester canopy with colorfastness of US Standard Grade 4 , water and UV -resistant, long lasting. Enjoy lasting shade with its easy-to-use tilt function, adjusting to meet your needs and keep you comfortable. A sturdy steel frame supports the UV-protected, weather-resistant olefin canopy. Illuminated total 26 led lights powered with solar panel on top to provide 6 - 7 hours of warm light once the sun sets, creates a romantic atmosphere at night.

Keep cool on hot days with the 7.5-foot steel market patio umbrella. The canopy features a weather- and fade-resistant fabric, making it easy to clean and maintain. The push-up mechanism is a breeze to close and store when not in use.


I am a single lady so it was great to discover that I could easily lift and assemble the umbrella by myself.

Bobi K.,

I ordered two of these umbrellas’ and was well pleased with the light.


This umbrella is perfect for a patio that needs shade! The solar lights are cute too.

Alyson Argabrite,

I use this umbrella for my outdoor food cart , it’s easy to open and close with the handle that is connected to the center pole , the lights are nice


I really needed a new patio umbrella. The one I had on my porch broke and the sun really glares down on my porch. I finally found one that is turquoise and matches my patio furniture perfectly!
It is large enough to keep the sun from everyone’s eyes. I purchased the 9 foot size and it just right for my table.


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