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HongKate |

Do you live in an apartment, dorm, or a space where when you spread both arms out, opposite walls are being touched? It is very common to have a small living space, especially when you live in an urban area. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your garden. Typically these places still have windows or balconies where plants can thrive; you just need to find creative ways to get the most use out of your limited area. The key to urban gardening is functionality. The classic question of how to make the best gardening choices for small spaces is about to be answered by following these urban gardening tips!


Tip 1: How to Make Small Grow Taller In Garden

It can be tough to have enough room for your urban garden within your already small space, but it is possible to still make the area seem airy and open. One of the easiest ways to create an open flow and have more room to grow is to think of growing vertically. This will facilitate an unfettered look with the ability for more growth. By placing larger pieces of cinderblock on top of one another, you can create a cubby effect for each of your plants with very little leakage. Repurposing furniture such as a narrow bookcase or shelving, by reinforcing the bottom and sides you can plant mini rows of your favorite plants. These simple urban gardening tips will quickly expand your garden's potential to the top.

Tip 2: Choose Plants Wisely

Now that there seem to be more garden surfaces in your living space, you have to make your space functional. The first step to functional living is to realize that not every plant that you want to grow will be able to thrive in the environment that you have created, and serious plant selection is essential. Consider how much sun your growing area gets during the day and how much time you can commit to your garden. Limit overwatering to help lessen damage potential. Pick the plants that will do the best for the area you can provide for them. Their future is in your hands, literally.

Tip 3: Fire Escape Gardening is Great, as Long as You Can Still Escape the Fire

When lighting is limited, some people have opted to use their fire escapes to get their plants photosynthesized. This can be a good use of space, as long as the fire escape can still be used for its original purpose: escaping fires. Check with your building official to ensure that you are not breaking any fire codes and causing an unsafe exiting experience for your neighbors. Just because you have never had to use your fire escape before, doesn’t mean you won’t ever have to use it. Be safe. Be smart. Be green.

By following these three urban gardening tips, your small living space can have a flourishing garden and still be functional!


Great Gardening Reference

Rhonda Gibson,

practical tips


Well-written blog for the beginner urban gardener

Goh Ruyin,

I am an intermediate gardener, and figured I would already know most of what was in this blog


I live in a suburb house with a backyard, I am interested in starting in raised beds or containers.

K. Berneti,

Living in a small, urban home means I have to be creative when it comes to gardening

A Clean Bee,

Comprehensive and Interesting – love Epic Gardening!

Emily Seeley,

I am so excited to use it this spring and summer!


Wonderful read


Learned a lot reading this

Lisa Lewis,

This is great for privacy and dog safety from crazy neighbors.


This privacy screen looks awesome and shades our yard nicely. We live by a busy road (hundreds of cars every day) and it does well giving us some privacy when working in the yard or when the kids are playing outside. Great quality too!


Easy to do

Jeffrey K.,

gives us a lot of shade and privacy.

Theresa Valencia,

Excellent product. Exactly as pictured. Great durability a must purchase if you want privacy in your home. I will definitely purchase again

Marlene Brennan,

Very pleased


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