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HongKate |

Looking for inspiration for your outdoor privacy screen?

Here are five ways to create more privacy in your outdoor space, either with a standalone privacy screen or a fence screen from LOVE STORY.

1. Close In an Above-Ground Pool

Want a quick way to make your above-ground pool private without having to build a privacy screen? Simply take a privacy fence screen and wrap it around posts attached to your pool. You'll want a screen that's durable and waterproof so it won't be damaged when you splash around in the pool. 

2. Finish a Basketball Court or Driveway


To create more privacy for your basketball court - and to keep the ball from flying into your neighbor's yard - add a tall privacy screen and fence. This type of privacy structure is best for recreational areas because it's durable. A wood lattice frame or a garden wall wouldn't be good for a basketball court - functionally or aesthetically.

3. Cover up a Slatted Fence with a Fence Privacy Screen

If you already have a slatted or wrought-iron fence, you can add charm and privacy to your outdoor space by adding a privacy screen to it. Turn a drab garden or patio into a relaxing oasis by placing colorful potted flowers and planters.

4. Make a Natural Privacy Screen


If you want to keep your outdoor area as natural as possible, why not install a plant wall as a privacy screen? Hang small potted plants on a lattice frame, or cover a trellis in ivy, then position it at the edge of your patio or terrace. 

5. Hang Outdoor Curtains

Curtains are an elegant way to keep your deck or patio private. They're also versatile - keep them open when you want to see the rest of your garden, or close them when you're gathered on the deck with friends and want some privacy. Outdoor curtains are also easy to install, but they work best for spaces that have a roof (covered decks, patios, etc.).


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Looks great!

Bruce Moran,

Very happy with this blog.


I so want to try something like this for our yard.

Donald Spalding,

Beautiful Job!


Nice job! I want one!


Great ideas for the back yard.

Sharon E. Gibson,

I love these ideas!

Carolina Moncion,

Thank you for this Great Inspiration.

Andrea Sullivan,

These are great for our garden.

Kindle Customer,

Great money saving alternative to adding a new fence to our house.

norbert j.,

Love it ! My dogs can’t see whose walking up the street now ! Easy to install and not cheesy looking!

kathy p,

Super product/ great price/ easy to install!!!

jill lewko,

This worked out perfectly. We needed it to keep out wild animals and to keep my one dog from getting out. Helped with barking too… Excellent quality.

Tracey Carter,

Sturdy , can’t see through it , height is exact. Works perfect


This screen is clean and sturdy looking. It helps me maintain a neat tidy yard while providing privacy in my yard. My neighbor liked it so much he had me buy him and his neighbor a few. Its uniform looking now we love it.

Cyndi Snovel,

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