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Summer is coming and the sun is getting hotter. It is a proven fact that excessive exposure to the sun's rays can result in skin cancer. So when you are outdoors, you need to have the right kind of protection from the UV rays of the sun. But when you want to enjoy the outdoor areas of your home and don't want to be fully armed against UV rays, shade sail is one of the best things that can totally solve this problem.

High-Quality Shade Sails

Even if you are a business owner and want to provide some amount of shade from the sun in the outdoor spaces of your property, it is a good idea to install LOVE STORY shade sails. With over 20 years in the Industry, LOVE STORY is devoted to providing professional series of outdoor sunshade and patio leisure products ,like shade sail, patio umbrella, balcony privacy screen, hammock.

Our shade sail is made of 185 GSM high density polyethylene (100%HDPE) sunshade fabric,which blocks 95% of harmful UV, significantly reduce the temprature and UV sunlightin shaded area during summer time. Strong stitched seams and durable stainless steel D-rings. And our shade sails come in a range of shapes and sizes to create an affordable designer statement. The protective qualities of our product mean you get excellent value for money while ensuring that your skin and health is not impacted by UV and UPF rays.

There are several benefits to installing shade sails. However, protection from the UV rays of the sun is one of the notable benefits. Many people do not realise that even sitting near open windows with excessive natural light flowing into the spaces can expose them to the UV rays of the sun. When you install shade sales of good quality, they provide excellent protection from the elements.

Other Benefits of Installing Shade Sails

Whenever you opt for our products, you can be sure that you are getting the best in the market. We customize our services and use the highest grade materials and manufacturing processes. What you get are superb shade sails that provide UV protection and last for many years. Since you can choose from various fabrics and styles, you are sure to find something that meets your requirement and complements the appeal of your property.

What is even more interesting is that you can use different colors, shapes, and sizes of shade sails for overlays. This will make your backyard stand out and become a beautiful landscape.

Whether you want shade sails for your residential or commercial property, you are sure to find what you need with us. For any more information feel free to contact Lovestoryshade. You can browse some more information about our custom & DIY shade sails products on this page and can also request a free quote.

shade sail - benefits of installing shade sail


this shade has now been up on the beach in Florida for over a year through sun, wind, and rain. Still up there and doing it’s job.

Brittany Mahoney,

Mine have not rusted and have been there for 2 months. We’ve had lost of rain on them too and everything is looking brand new still.

amy lawrence,

Will the d rings rust? I just sent another brand back because the stainless steel d-rings rusted after 2 weeks.


Best money I have spent all year. My patio is now useable; shaded from the unbearable evening sun.

Nina Offerman,

With this very breathable and UV block fabrics, we got more comfortable space to enjoy .

Debra Cavanah,

Protect my cades from UV in south Texas

Katie Dee,

They block enough UV rays to avoid a sunburn even without putting on sunblock, if you are out for a few hours.

Tammy Schindel,

Since my purchased I have used daily on my driveway to protect my vehicles from sun .


Great Sun shade really blocks so much of the rays. I bought another one to attach to the original one. It covers so much space.

Katelyn Nutter,

I set up the sunshade over my porch so that we could have an area to sit outside in the summer without baking in the Alabama sun. It works perfectly and provides the right amount of shade while still being porous and not getting caught in the wind. I am also really happy with the color as it matches the paint on the outside of our house and our deck.

Brenda Brooksher,

I bought this for a small corner of my back yard that has lots of sun. I set this up and it works great. I hung it up with carabiners and take it down when we aren’t using it. I don’t know if it would last through a major wind storm, but it’s a good value for what we were looking for.

Lillie Dignan,

“We are in a rental in southwest Florida and have no covered lanai. This makes enjoying our outdoor space unbearable for a large portion of the year.

Christeen Bates,

Yes, all four corners can attach to where you put it. Use it as a shade or a divider, we love ours!

Monique B,

Can you put this vertically?

Justine Sloat,

We put up 10’ metal poles

Shreya Patel,

How to ha g over patio deck on the second floor, wit nothing high enough to attach it to?

Kelly Nemeth,

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