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What is Hammock Camping

Hammock camping is a lot like tent camping. You still have to bring your food and cooking tools. The only real difference is that you will be bringing a hammock instead of camping tents for your sleeping arrangements.

This can make a big difference when it comes to hiking to your camping site. A hammock will generally weigh a lot less than even the best camping tents. It will also take up a lot less room.

Based on that alone, if hammock camping works, it is a far superior option compared to bringing a bulky tent.

On top of that, hammocks are a lot easier to set up than tents. That means that you will also save time and effort setting them up. A great camping hammock can create a better camping experience.

Common Misconceptions about Hammock Camping

1. It's Unsafe

Some people think of hammocks as flimsy things. To be frank, the technology necessary to create sturdy hammocks has been around for a long time. If you want a solid hammock, it is as simple as buying a quality item.

2. It Makes It Diffcult To Sleep

Between the warmth and comfort that hammocks can provide, they can often help you to get better sleep than you would in a tent on the ground. It can be incredibly soothing to go to sleep while enjoying the beautiful night sky. And they will save you a lot of stress because of how easy they are to transport and set up.

3. Hammocks Are Complicated To Set Up  

Setting up hammocks is actually far simpler than setting up tents. There are far fewer pieces to get in the right place. That also means that there are fewer pieces that can end up breaking and requiring replacement.

Setting up a hammock can be as simple as finding a couple of ropes around a couple of trees and attaching the ropes to holders on the hammock.

4. Hammocks Have A Limited Weight Capacity

If you are worried about hammock weight capacity,  don't worry, LOVE STORY's camping hammock has a maximum capacity of 500 lbs.

Install a Hammock Camping

When you get to your campsite, do a site check and investigate your area for where the trees are. You’re looking for a good location for your hammock, so watch for shade, sunlight, and clear ground beneath.

You need sturdy trees that will hold your weight. Don’t use saplings or dead trees; these will likely break under any sort of weight, no matter how light you might be.

Once you've selected a fully sturdy tree, wrap the tree strap around the tree, pass the strap through the large loop; Then according to your favored distance, wrap many times as you needed, and pull tightly; Finally unfold the hammock,and buckle the carabiner into the suitable loop of the strap.

Benefits of Hammock Camping

Once you've wrapped your head around trying out hammock camping, you'll begin to see the many advantages it brings to your outdoor experience.

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Easy Set Up


I love camping, but I have been using tents before and feel like I could buy a camping hammock and try it out.

Andrea Logan,

It’s in very good quality and quite easy to use. This’ll be one of my favorite items for this summer.

Michelle Nua,

Fabric is soft and adjustable strap is really useful. I use this with cats . They can’t easily jump out like they can if they are just in your arms.


It was so easy to set up and I cam take it down and move it to different spots in my yard!

Irene Harrell,

I liked too much . Easy to use .

Marta Valle,

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