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Whether you're planning a playground for a school, or a daycare, including shade structures is imperative.  Shade structures are necessary for the safety of children and the longevity of your play equipment.

Sunshade sails are necessary

Sun exposure during daily activities and play cause the most sun damage.  The sun's Ultraviolet radiation can cause devasting damage to the human skin, so ensuring the children at your center are well protected with shade is vital. Since it shields them from direct sunlight while still allowing them to play outside, a shade structure is an excellent one-time investment to protect children's health. 


Sun shade sail will protect the equipment itself, too. You've likely seen sun-faded play equipment, and equipment like this may reflect poorly on a school or childcare business.


If you are purchasing shade structures for daycare, they have another benefit: they may bring more business. When parents see shade sails or other shade structures over a play area, they see that you value their children’s safety and comfort, equipment with shade structures shows that your business is willing to take on an extra expense if it means children will be safe and comfortable.


Many outdoor play areas can benefit from the coverage of a shade structure:

  • Swing sets
  • Playground Equipment
  • Sand Pits
  • Preschool Structures
  • Toddler play areas

Sun shade sail is very convenient!

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