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HongKate |

You may have already upgraded your backyard patio, set up outdoor furniture on your front porch, or even designed an outdoor kitchen. Now, get ready for the next wave: a new trend of "working from outdoors," if you will. 

Moving your work-from-home space outside can be a fresh way to help you feel excited about your 9-to-5 again, helping to break up the monotony of working from home and even brighten your mood. After all, how can the sound of birds in the trees, the sight of blooming flowers, and the scent of freshly cut grass not put you in a better mindset? 

"Whether it's the rustling of the leaves in the wind or the calm after a rainstorm, I find that being outside offers a feeling of zen that's helpful when getting into a creative zone," shares Los Angeles–based interior designer Kelly Martin. In fact, studies show taking breaks to look at nature can boost your concentration and bolster your creativity. 

1. Reduce glare, and protect the eyes

Staring at a computer screen all day strains the eyes. Take that laptop outside and you're fighting glare from the sun, too. An inexpensive addition to a laptop, like a laptop sunshade or an anti-glare screen protector, can significantly reduce glare and eye strain. These additional glare protectors can prevent squinting and unnecessary strain even if you're working in the shade.

2. Throw Some Shade In Outdoor

If you’ve ever brought your laptop outdoors only to turn on maximum brightness and still not been able to see your screen (or drained the battery very quickly as a result), you know there’s nothing worse than direct sunlight for getting work done. Be sure your outdoor office has the right mix of shade and sun to ensure proper lighting conditions. This is a good reason to shop for shade sail, and umbrellas right now.

3.Minimize Distractions

The sounds of lawn mowers and weed eaters may signify summer is here, but they’re less than welcome when you’re trying to work. Try to limit distractions by only working outside on days that you or your neighbors are not having landscaping or gardening done. Also remove any wind chimes or interactive lawn art (including bird feeders) unless they provide a calming effect for you.


4. Boost the WiFi

Outdoor offices can be iffy when it comes to WiFi—the farther from the router you are, the weaker the signal strength. However, a WiFi extender or mesh network can keep speeds up even if you’re far from the router. WiFi extenders typically plug into electrical outlets, while mesh networks send radio signals to a series of satellite units to boost speeds in a large house or into the backyard. 

The perfect work-from-outdoors space.


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