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Installing a shade sail over your swimming pool not only protects your investment from leaves, dirt and debris, importantly, it provides exceptional protection to you and your family from the harmful UV rays of the sun. With long scorching summers, a shade sail is an essential accompaniment to any residential or commercial swimming pool. For affordable and effective pool shade, thank you for your trust and support to LOVE STORY. Read on to discover the many benefits of installing a shade sail over your pool.

Superior Sun and Heat Protection

High quality shade sails provide sunshade and block up to 98% harmful rays, allow your friends and family to have unlimited fun in your pool at any time of the day protecting them from the harsh sun and hot temperatures. A strategically placed, high quality shade sail structure offers a high level of protection keeping swimmers safe from sunstroke and sunburn. Enjoy lounging in and around your pool with the peace of mind that you aren’t increasing your risk of developing skin diseases and skin cancer.

Increased Aesthetic Value

Single or multiple shade sail designs add visual interest, improving the overall aesthetics of the entire pool area. Choosing the right colour, fabric and design in combination with a professional installation is a simple and affordable way to enhance the value of your property. At LOVE STORY, our experts are always happy to assist in choosing the right shade sails for your needs and budget and will ensure the sails are installed in a manner that provides maximum shade over your pool space.

Less Debris

Arguably one of the most frustrating things for a pool owner is debris from nearby trees and bushes that can end up in your pool, causing excessive cleaning and even damage to your expensive filtration system. A shade sail structure over and around your pool area does a great job of deflecting debris so that doesn’t build-up in your pool, lowering your maintenance needs and reducing the risk expensive and inconvenient filter breakdowns.

Improved Privacy

In built-up inner city suburbs, neighbours aren’t too far away. Especially with the rising numbers of multiple story dwellings and multi-level apartment buildings going up, a shade sail will provide a safe and private environment for you and your family to ensure you can enjoy your time in complete seclusion.

shade sail - install a shade sail over swimming pool

The Ultimate Pool Shade

With summer just around the corner, now is the ideal time to prepare your swimming pool area. A pool shade sail structure offers an attractive and affordable solution to make your pool much more inviting on those hot summer days. With over 20 years in the Industry, Love Story is devoted to providing professional series of outdoor sunshade and patio leisure products ,like shade sail, patio umbrella, balcony privacy screen, hammock. Our shade sails come in a range of shapes and sizes to create an affordable designer statement. Enjoy all the benefits that a pool shade sail brings today!


I purchased this to block the sun for my pool in the backyard.

Whitney Harris,

We put up a pool this year with a small deck and bought this for some shade to get out of the excessive afternoon sun.

Hannah Robie,

We purchased one of these, as well as the mounting kit, to help provide shade to an outdoor commercial pool pump area. The electrical components were consistently overheating and patio umbrellas just were not doing the trick. My handyman remarked that it was at least 10, if not 20 degrees cooler under the shade even as he was half-way through installing it. He did have to readjust it a few weeks after install once it stretched out, which was a slight pain as one side was anchored in drywall and I had to invest in patch and paint. Neither of our breakers have tripped since we put it up, though. The pool cleaner appreciates it too! If he ends up coming by later in the day he doesn’t have to worry about dying in the sun – it makes Florida’s terrible humidity bearable to work under. So far well worth the investment, but we will see how well it holds up long-term.


We have a big tree next to our pool that keeps dropping leaves, and with the shade sail, it stops them from falling into my pool

anna Thompson,

Incredible! My partner and I have been toying with the idea of shade sails for our ranch and you have totally inspired me. You mentioned that you store the furniture cushions before rain – where do you keep them?? You always have genius small space storage solutions and I’m dying to know where you keep these during wet weather.

Martyna Sobczyszyn,

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